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134 Water Street
Traverse City, MI 49684
January 10, 2014
Ms. Sara Adams
Northwestern Michigan College
1701 E.Front St. Traverse City,M
I 49686
Dear Ms. Adams:
I am very excited and interested in the position of Office Manager in the Career Development
Office that I saw posted on the Northwestern Michigan College website. My 5 years of office
experience at Huntington Bank have equipped me with a multitude of professional and personal
skills that I would like to bring to your department.
Throughout my life, I have demonstrated efficiency and exceptional people skills. I am an
adaptable individual, with the ability to balance a busy office while still putting customer service
first. I have been recognized by Huntington Bank on three different occasions, being honored with
the Excellent Service Award. I am very detail oriented and believe that would be beneficial in
maintaining your relationships with employers as new job postings are received. I have proven
that I can multi-task and have the motivation to do anything that I put my mind to. I have been
working in a confidential and secure environment, therefore I understand and respect the need to
protect your clients’ personal information as they prepare their resumes and job applications. I am
certain I would prove to be an asset to Northwestern Michigan College, and most importantly to
your office.
I am interested in using my people and technical skills in an environment where I can develop
relationships and foster growth within people’s lives. Because of my solid five years of business
background and my commitment to the organization in which I work, I know I have the talent and
knowledge necessary to succeed and enrich the Office Manager position. Thank you for
considering me. I would appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself to your search team in
person to discuss this partnership.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Emily Smith
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