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The Employers Name
Full Address
26TH January 2009
Dear Persons name or Sir/Madam,
I would like to apply about the possibility of a work experience placement with your hospital
during the week 20 24 July 2009.
I am 17 and a student at Sutton Grammar School for Boys. I am studying A level’s in Biology,
Chemistry, Critical Thinking, DT Graphics and Maths. I have combined the analytical skills I have
developed from Chemistry and problem solving from maths with the work I have done in Biology
to form a strong foundation for becoming a doctor.
Whilst I am trying to gain various work experience that will help confirm this as my career choice,
I am writing to your hospital specifically as I would like to see what makes a good doctor and due
to your excellent reputation, I feel that name of hospital would be the best place to do so.
Prior to this, I have experience of working in a care home with terminally ill patients and worked
in Liaquat National Hospital in Pakistan for 2 weeks. There, I was able to compare the medical
problems faced by each nation and how western and third world healthcare systems were setup.
Having shadowed doctors through various departments, such as outpatients, paediatrics, pathology
and radiology I have half-confirmed medicine as my career choice, but to be absolutely certain, I
want to gain some experience here. I volunteered at British Heart Foundation for a year and during
my time there; I was quickly promoted to cashier and was able to interact with members of the
public from various backgrounds.
I am a good communicator, compassionate, have good etiquettes and am very organised. My
personal interests include football, cricket, cooking and going out to the cinema.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Muhammad Usama Imran
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