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Dear Mr./Ms. Contact Person's Name:
In response to your ad on your web page, I would like to apply for the title of job position. The
qualities you need are a close match for the ones that I have developed in my education and
This paragraph should highlight special skills, abilities and education. Sell yourself and let them
know why you are the best candidate.
For example: I am currently attending MiraCosta College, and will complete (or have earned)
my Associate of Science Degree in Registered Nursing, (include the date.) I have had clinical
experience ......briefly explain your clinical. I have additional experience in the health field
in ........explain. I have knowledge of many of your desired skills, and this position would
give me the practical experience needed in my career field.
I am confident that my knowledge and abilities would be of value to your company. I would like
to request a few minutes of your time to discuss my qualifications. If you have any questions in
the meantime, please do not hesitate to call.
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