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Legacy Employment Services
Attention: Acute Care Nursing Internships
1120 N.W. 20th, Suite 111
Portland, Oregon, 97209
I am writing to express my interest in joining the Legacy nursing team through an acute care
internship position. I will be graduating in May with my B.S.N. from Linfield College. I hope to
focus on adult health, and I would be open to any of the related acute care internship positions.
It is satisfying for me to work with others to effect positive change in the community. Through
nursing I hope to achieve my personal and professional goals at local and global levels. While
serving in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Moldova, I developed a heart for nursing. At the
time I taught health. I realized that as a nurse I could be an even greater asset to my students and
neighbors. Most Moldovan toasts begin with, “In primul rind, sanatate”, or “In the first place, to
health.” I gained the insight during my time abroad, that without health a person has great
difficulty attaining a substantial quality of life.
At Linfield I have developed a strong foundation in nursing concepts and principles including;
client-centered, holistic care, group dynamics and emotional intelligence, shared governance, and
the need for flexibility. I think critically and work collaboratively with my clients and other health
care professionals. I have cultivated communication skills that improved the quality of my patient
care and my ability to participate meaningfully in team processes.
I believe that my skills and values are well suited to those held by Legacy Health System. We
concur that our primary focus needs to be client dignity, privacy, and excellence of care; and that
the existing climate of change should be matched by an organizational culture committed to
learning and innovation. During a rotation at the Rehab Institute of Oregon (RIO) this past fall, I
was impressed with the high level of accountability demonstrated by staff. I was accepted as part
of the team and experienced a “good fit” within the system. I am convinced that I would thrive as
a Legacy RN, and that Legacy Health System would gain from having me as part of the team.
I would be delighted to begin my nursing career with Legacy. I look forward to the opportunity to
interview with you this spring. Please feel free to contact me at my home/cell phone number
phone number, or via e-mail at email address. Thank you for taking the time to consider my
application. I hope we will have the chance to meet very soon.
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