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RN Residency Program
Legacy Employment Services
1120 NW 20th Suite 111
Portland, OR 97209
To Whom It May Concern:
From a very young age, I knew I would be in the service industry it was just a matter of how I would serve. In
kindergarten I proudly announced I want to be a cook.” When I was ten I declared “I want to be an airline stewardess.”
Now, twenty years later, I can state with absolute certainty “I will be a nurse!”
My nursing journey began six years ago. On a sunny, summer day, I received the kind of phone call everyone dreads.
My dad had suffered a heart attack and wasn’t going to make it. The days I spent in the hospital with him are a blur. What I
do remember, however, is the amazing service we received. The nurses were kind, compassionate, caring, and, in those two
days, they became family. Somehow, these phenomenal women made an unbearable event bearable. I looked at my family
and said, “I am going to be a nurse.”
Linfield College has provided me with the opportunity to develop a strong foundation of nursing concepts with a focus
on client-centered care, holistic healing approaches, and critical thinking skills. My greatest strength is the ability to work
collaboratively with clients, families, and the healthcare professional team in an effort to provide exceptional quality of
care. I possess clear and effective communication skills that will enhance my ability to participate in meaningful, team
A concern I have as I approach graduation surrounds my level of comfort and competency in the clinical setting. Many
procedures I have seen performed once or twice but have not yet had the time or opportunity to perfect and hone these
skills. The Versant RN Residency Program will provide a safe transition from novice to expert nurse. This opportunity will
allow me to gain confidence and increase clinical competency as I continue to learn under the guidance of experienced staff
and mentors. Coupling this with integrated classroom time and simulations will additionally aid in bridging the gap between
recent graduate and new nurse. A residency program, such as Versant, will help me to gain the experience, judgment, skills,
and confidence that will be essential to deliver outstanding service and put the needs of my patients and their families first.
Transitioning from the comfort of the college setting to a busy hospital floor can be daunting.
Navigating the hospital setting is difficult even for seasoned professionals. The benefit of the intensive training provided by
this program is invaluable. Throughout my experiences at Linfield College, it has been a continuing desire to work for
Legacy Health, particularly in the soon to be completed Children’s Hospital. I look forward to being part of a team of
healthcare professionals who serve as positive role models in the community and treat patients with respect and compassion.
Although it may be a far cry from my childhood fantasies of becoming a cook or an airline stewardess, I can think of no
better way to serve humanity than by becoming a nurse.
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