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655 Providence Avenue
Apartment 22
Charlotte, North Carolina 28222
March 11, 201_
Ms. Judy Schehe
Staff Assistant
Memorial Hospital
Post Office Box ABC
Anytown, NC 23440
Dear Ms. Schehe:
As an undergraduate nursing student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I am very
interested in obtaining career-related experience in a hospital setting. Through the University
Career Center, I have learned that you are seeking a Nursing Intern for the summer of 1994. I am
aware of the outstanding regional reputation of Memorial Hospital and I would greatly appreciate
being considered for the position.
As my high level of achievement in the classroom indicates, I am a very motivated individual
willing to put forth the effort to do things properly. I feel the nursing program which I am
currently following at UNC Charlotte, as well as my past work experience, have given me the
tools and experience necessary to perform well in the field of health care.
Enclosed is a copy of my resume for your review. I understand that you will be on campus May
20th to conduct interviews. I will arrange to speak with you at that time concerning the position.
Thank you for your time.
Craig A. Zeroski
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