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Night Auditor Cover Letter Sample
Scott Matthews
89 Lester Avenue
Any Town, USA 99999
August 19, 2006
Mr. Lance Strait,
Hiring Manager
National Auditing Company
62 Summer Avenue
Any City, USA 99999
Dear Mr. Strait:
I am writing this cover letter today to ask for the job of night auditor, which I read about in your
description on I have training and experience in auditing and I prefer to work
nights. I've had ten years in this field, having learned what I know during my years at American
My resume details my experience, but I would also welcome a personal meeting to talk about
what you expect from the night auditors who work for your company.
Please call me on my cell phone--888-888-8888--if you'd like to talk further about how I can fit
into your company and assume this job. Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to read
my cover letter and consider my request.
Scott Matthews
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