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Sample Cover Letter. This sample is designed to be mailed, uploaded into an online
application, or given directly to an employer.
Provided by UK’s James W. Stuckert Career Center
3456 Westview Road
Lexington, Kentucky 40504
January 31
, 2008
Mr. Henry Turner
Human Resources Manager
XYZ Engineering Company
12123 West Center Road
Louisville, Kentucky 68134
Dear Mr. Turner:
I am applying for the position of Design Engineer, as advertised on the University of
Kentucky’s Wildcat CareerLink. With over three years experience in customer service
and a strong educational background in mechanical engineering, I know I could make a
significant contribution in helping XYZ Engineering Company grow its product line and
market share.
As an example of my most recent accomplishments using AutoCAD, I worked as part of
a team to design and implement a portable scoreboard for a rowing competition using
GPS technology. The scoreboard will provide real-time information on distance, place
and time during the American Society of Civil Engineers concrete canoe competition.
This will increase processing of the results by 25%. As a graduate teaching assistant, I
have developed my teaching, communication, and public speaking skills. Having made
numerous technical presentations to upper management during my internship at Trane, I
am confident that I can get management’s buy-in for the budget to develop new products.
The enclosed resume summarizes the full range of my skills and qualifications. I would
appreciate the opportunity for a personal interview to discuss this position and my
qualifications in more detail. You can reach me at (859) 257-2746 or by email at I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your consideration.
Jane Engineer
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