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Sample Cover letter for Material Handler
Barry Crider
1070 Echo Lane
Phone: 269-767-5826
Tony Moore
Humana Inc.
2072 Clover Drive
Colorado Springs
Date: 16-11-2010
Dear Mr.Moore,
Working as Material Handler is what I am expert at and would like to showcase my expertise at
Humana Inc.. I was honored to know about the vacancy from Simply Hired and the Kalamazoo
place mentioned in also convenient for me.
My work experience includes:
I have been working in the luxury market for around 2 years and I have been looking after
inventory of around 50 million euros,
My job has been centred on stocktaking,
Kitting, stock control and picking/despatch of basic transceivers.
On a daily basis I check mobile phones coming off the production line book in and
transfer into our stock and await paper work from our planning department for despatch
of the handsets.
I every morning before any work was carried out completed stocktaking of around 10,000
luxury mobile phones.
Kindly let me know the date suitable to you for the interview purpose so that you can make out
my strength towards the required work. It’s grateful for me that you took time for going through
my letter.
Yours Sincerely
(Barry Crider)
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