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No. 421 Da Lian Road
Tianjing 000000
July 4, 2000
Manager of Human Resources
No. 102 Guang Chang St.
Tianjing 000000
Dear Mr. XXX:
I am a profit-oriented Marketing Manager, who would like an opportunity for
increased responsibility with a progressive company in mobile communications. My
background exemplifies a track record of success and I am confident that I can be
successful in increasing sales for your company. I have enclosed in this package a
personal resume and a set of professional samples for you to review my qualifications.
In addition to a Master of Business Administration from XXXXXXX University, I
have over 10 years of professional experience. My qualifications and expertise
include the following:
● Developed sales & marketing promotion programs which accounted for over
$xxxxxxx increased sales. Promotions include television, radio, print, . . . and sales
● Brought new level of sales analysis to the review of marketing promotion results.
Programs include . . . and . . . .
● Improved and modernized corporate image through improved Internet presence,
press releases, computerized presentations to investors, and Public Relations.
● Developed in-house advertising agency responsible for the design and development
of company web sites and online advertising and promotion.
I am confident that I will be an asset to the right mobile communication company. I
am currently considering offers of interest and would be glad to speak with you in
person. Please contact me at 0000-0000 or email me at xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
XXXX(sign your name here)
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