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184 Oakridge Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 06530
Today’s Date
Mr. Fred Green
Associate Director of Marketing
Whitemore Department Stores
698 Capital Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dear Mr. Green:
I read with real interest your article on display in the November issue of the Merchandising
Journal. Your description of how you used color and shape to guide the customers eye was
especially interesting. I became even more excited, however, when I saw the quality of research
that had preceded the development of your design.
You are indeed fortunate to work for Whitemore’s where research and creativity are encouraged. It
is no accident that Whitemore Department Stores is a leader in this section of the country.
By reading your organization’s annual report and articles like yours, I have seen a clear link
between what you are doing in marketing and the work I see myself doing. As the enclosed
resume shows, I have just completed a carefully planned course of study combining marketing and
commercial art. I also have completed an interesting project on display organization that required
a study of existing research plus a small amount of research in a local department store.
I would very much like to meet with you to discuss career opportunities with your organization. I
will call your office early next week to see if we can arrange a meeting.
(Written Signature)
Sterling Goodman
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