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December 23, 2008
401 Grove Place
New York, NY 10012
Mr. Schweppe Gray
Preston Henderson Marketing Consultants
2 Wall Street
New York, NY 10001
Dear Mr. Gray:
With a background in market research complemented by the rigors of a University of Chicago
education, I am applying for the analyst position at Preston Henderson Marketing Consultants.
Ever since I heard Carol Eckard speak during your on-campus recruiting presentation, I knew I
wanted to work for you. She described your clients, the problems you solve, your culture and your
commitment to your employees. Since that talk, my interest has become a passion and I have
honed the skills you seek: writing, problem-solving, academic excellence, a team
orientation and quantitative analysis.
I demonstrated these skills during my internship at Peopley Research where my assignment was to
reduce the cost of the company’s keyword advertising campaign in Google AdWords while
increasing revenue-generating traffic to the website. After extensive modeling of how variables,
such as keywords and day segmenting, affected cost per click and traffic quality, I successfully
determined how to produce more revenue.
At Peopley, I exhibited leadership and my ability to work under pressure when my boss, the Vice
President of Marketing, had emergency surgery and handed me the responsibility to lead the
construction of a new search results page in a joint effort by the marketing and information
technology teams. I had three days to explain the project to the teams and assign them tasks. By
embracing this challenge, working long hours and even learning how to format code in order to
alleviate the technology team’s workload, we successfully launched the test pages on time.
I would greatly welcome the opportunity to discuss the analyst opportunity
with the company and will phone you in
two weeks to follow-up.
Thank you for your consideration.
Emma Kim
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