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James Douglas
10 Vairo Blvd., #A1
State College, PA 16803
Mr. Stanley Mason
Loss Prevention Manager
Brown’s Department Store
25 Dearborn Street
Livingston, NY 24033
Dear Mr. Mason:
I am a senior at Penn State University, majoring in Crime, Law, and Justice. At this time I am
seeking a site for internship placement during the summer semester. It is my understanding that
you have accepted interns from Penn State in other semesters.
Because I am considering a career in loss prevention, I am very interested in an internship with
Brown’s Department Store. I have enclosed a copy of my résumé. As you will note on my
résumé, I have done security work with Horne’s Department Store and participated in a special
tactics seminar during my employment there. My course work emphasis is on loss prevention
and law enforcement, including courses in computer skills, report writing, and interviewing. If I
am accepted by Brown’s, I anticipate working a minimum of 150 hours in my internship
I can be reached at 555-2222. I look forward to hearing from you and would very much like to
set up an interview with you or someone in your department at your earliest convenience. If you
need more information on the internship, please feel free to contact the Field Placement Office,
Crime, Law, and Justice, 211 Oswald Tower, University Park, PA 16802.
Thank you for your consideration of my application.
James Douglas
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