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55 Walk Hill Road
Jamaica Plain, MA 02172
August 15, 200_
Stanley Hudson, Esq.
Blueblood, Mayflower and Hudson
One Constitution Plaza
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Dear Mr. Hudson:
I am interested in applying for a summer associate position for the Summer of 200_ with
Blueblood, Mayflower and Hudson. I am currently a second year student at Northeastern
University School of Law and intend to practice law in Philadelphia, my home town, after
As you may know, Northeastern has a unique Cooperative Legal Education Program ("Co-op").
After the first year of academic studies, students alternate every three months between working
full-time as legal interns and attending classes. I recently completed my first internship as a law
clerk for Judge Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court. During my internship, I had the
opportunity to refine my research and writing skills on a broad range of legal issues, and gain
valuable insight into the judicial process. I greatly enjoyed drafting findings of fact and rulings of
law for the Judge on several complex civil and criminal matters. This internship experience, along
with the research that I have done for Professor Subrin on the interpretation and application of the
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, has confirmed my interest in litigation. I am particularly
interested in your firm because it has an outstanding litigation department.
Prior to attending law school, I acquired five years of valuable professional experience which
included positions as a marketing coordinator for a publishing company, and as a management
trainee at a bank. I believe that the professional judgment and skills that I acquired through these
positions, combined with my judicial internship experience and academic performance, uniquely
qualify me for a summer associate position with your firm.
I have enclosed a copy of my resume, transcript and writing sample for your review. Northeastern
does not issue letter or numeric grades or class rank. Instead, students receive comprehensive
narrative evaluations from both their professors and legal internship supervisors. A student’s
official law school transcript is comprised of these evaluations.
I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and other individuals in your firm to learn
more about the summer associate program at Blueblood, Mayflower and Hudson. Thank you for
your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Jill Capital
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