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Jessica Carter
Hiring Manager
Learnist Ltd
30 Viva Street
6BH 11CH
20 May 2014
Dear Sir/ Madam,
I was interested in your role for labour, and believe that I would be a suitable match for your
I am good at all sorts of projects and I have wide experience at labor projects. I am very physically
fit and I am able to carry weights and work for long periods of time. I am also very health and
safety conscious so that I now how to work in a safe manner in a variety of different situations. In
past jobs I have also helped fellow workers.
I am hard working and trustworthy, and I am a highly skilled fast worker. I am able to work well
with others as well as by myself. I work in a very time efficient manner, and always strive to
produce the best results possible. I take pride in my work, and that is what will make me an
excellent fit for you
Please see attached my CV with details all experience that I have obtained to date, and also my
education. I have also included references whom you may contact if you so wish to do so.
I hope that you will look upon my application favorably, and I look forward to hearing from you at
your earliest convenience.
Yours sincerely,
Your Name
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