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Michelle Brooks
19 Forest Blend Lane
Mercerville, NJ 08722
September 27, 2005
Ms. Dorothy Ramano
Head, Medical Laboratory
St. Johns Medical Center
Cranbury, NJ 08844
Dear Ms. Ramano:
The description of the medical lab technician position related to me by my friend and your
colleague, Laura Birch, sounds like an opportunity where I could make some significant
contributions. Laura explained that you expect top-quality work and have the highest standards
she has observed anywhere.
Since you need someone to step in right away, you wouldn’t need to spend any great amount of
time training me because I have a good grasp of the subject. In addition I wanted to assure you
•In my coursework at Mercer County Community College I maintained a 4.0 GPA
•On the certification exam given by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists I scored in the
above 90th percentile.
•I had a medical lab internship at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.
•I participated in over 720 hours of clinical practice as part of my course work.
St. John’s Medical Center is one of the finest hospitals in the region. I am prepared to work at the
high standards you ask for.
I would like to meet with you soon to discuss some of the ideas I can bring to this job. I can be
reached at the above number during normal business hours.
Michelle Brooks
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