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Kitchen Worker Job application letter Example
355 E. Example Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 65255
Feb 17, 2012
Mr. John Jones
HR Manager
ARIA Resort
Sin city, NV 65212
Dear Mr. Jones:
Your web site indicated your desire for a Kitchen Worker at ARIA Resort Sin city. I would like to
be looked at for this position because your task specifications closely fit with the career profile.
Along with my strong kitchen work skills and one year of hands-on experience, I will be eager to
leverage my abilities experience to promote your bottom line.
Based on my comprehension of your Kitchen Worker position whilst your organization, here are
some highlights of my strengths that seem most relevant to be practical:
• Highly skilled in cleansing dishes and utensils
• In a position to operate and clean dish washers
Thorough understanding of preserving stations stocked in silver, eyeglasses, china, and
• Proven record of handling all wares carefully to prevent breakage and loss
• Comprehensive knowledge of maintaining hygiene and organization of supply and storage
Demonstrated chance to scrub, sweep and mop kitchen’s floors, pick up and get rid garbage and
clean floor rugs
Through challenging kitchen worker as well as housekeeping positions, I have developed a
substantial sense of responsibility, valuable interpersonal skills as well as the talent to contribute
to teamwork, possibly in high-pressure kitchens. Enclosed is my resume for your consideration
which further summarizes my skills and abilities being an efficient Kitchen Worker who has the
ability to go beyond your expectations..
I am enthusiastic about your kitchen Worker position and anticipate meeting with at your first
convenience. I will contact your workplace in the coming week for follow-up. In addition, I might
be reached at [contact #]. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Ashley Davis
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