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Sample Cover letter for Kitchen Supervisor
Joyce Nobles
1490 Nash Street
Phone: 313-274-3989
Robert Mccoy
Omnicare Inc
467 White Lane
Date: 04-11-2010
Dear Ms.Mccoy,
I am forwarding my resume in response to the advertisement found in for the position
of Kitchen Supervisor . I believe that my years of work experience make me an ideal candidate for
the concerned position.
My work experience includes:
Work in a busy kitchen team, which centralises around solid team work and high
On many occasions was left alone in the kitchen while.
the head chef was out and this gave me the valuable art of being able to be time conscious
and well disciplined.
While being left alone, on many occasions was left to run the kitchen while ensuring
others produced the highest quality of food available.
You can contact me at 123-456-7890 for confirming the interview. I appreciate your time and
efforts in this regard. Thank you for considering my resume for the relevant position.
Yours Sincerely
(Joyce Nobles)
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