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11/345 Anstey St
Hobart TAS 7000
Dear Ms Smith
Re: Kitchen hand position
I am interested in applying for a position as a kitchen hand or kitchen steward.
In my work experience as a kitchen hand at The Royal Thai Gardens Hotel , in Glenorchy , I have
gained experience in many aspects of the job, including:
Stacking and unpacking dishwasher
Drying dishes
Restocking trolleys with crockery
Washing glassware
Drying and polishing cutlery
Sorting cutlery
Cleaning ovens
Cleaning benches and floor
I am aware of work place safety and client privacy and will quickly adapt to company policy.
I am a fast and efficient worker. I am quick to learn new skills and am willing to follow
instructions. I am always punctual and reliable and hardworking.
I am currently studying English at the Tasmanian Polytechnic, my spoken English is developing
well and I can easily understand most conversation. I am very keen to find work and will continue
to learn English at night classes if necessary.
I am available to work any day of the week, on any shift.
I will look forward to discussing my suitability for a kitchen hand position, with you, at an
Yours faithfully
Jane Brown
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