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Jarred Ward
2969 Tator Patch Road
Chicago, IL 60605
Feb 11, 2013
Ms. Ola Amy
Blue Ridge Community College
3855 Maple Avenue
Modesto, CA 95354
Dear Ms. Amy,
I am applying for the position of job coach with Blue Ridge Community College.
I have always admired the commitment your school has for its students and I would consider it an
honor to be a part of your establishment. I take my job very seriously and I believe that the
children of today are tomorrow’s future. For this reason, I want to put my skills and training to
work helping students advance and meet their career goals.
I can help students write their resumes and focus on the areas they are strongest in when applying
for a job. I can help them find areas that need improving, in order to give them the advantage they
need to get the jobs they seek.
I have the ability to help students build up their self-confidence by learning the proper way to take
part in an interview. I can also educate them on how to dress properly and how to present
themselves as a professional. I have excellent research skills that make it possible to help students
find employers that are interested in their specific area of expertise.
I have included my resume and I am sure that you will see that my work history and skills
coincides with the qualifications in your posting for this position. I welcome the opportunity to
meet with you in person and to tour your facility. I hope that you will consider me as a top
applicant for this job and I hope to meet you soon to discuss the details of this position.
You can reach me to set up a meeting by calling (111)-817-1767.
Jarred Ward
Jarred Ward
Resume Attached as MS Word Document
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