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IT Manager Cover Letter
Dear Mr Brandt,
The Technical Manager position advertised in the IT-Pathways times greatly interested me. The
position as described is well suited to my skills and experience. I would like to apply for the
vacancy and submit my details for your consideration.
My background,as outlined in my resume, includes various positions as Technical Team leader
and Project Lead. Of particular relevance is my current position as Technical Team Leader for a
State Government infrastructure upgrade rollout. Managing over twenty five staff, the two year
project has delivered key business objectives in a manner that was non-disruptive to clients.
Other key factors to my submission include over four years of Service Level Agreement
development and negotiation experience delivering client SLA and internal OLAs throughout a
number of key company acquisitions. This experience consisted of change management process
implementation and review in order to comply with stringent operational service level metrics.
My education includes a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, an Associate Diploma in
Engineering Computer Systems and a Certified Cisco Network Professional certification.
Thank you for your consideration. Should you require additional information, I can be reached on
the number above.
Job Candidate
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