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December 10, 2010
Lacy Burns, Human Resources Director
Home Town Insurance
111 Main St.
Home Town, IL 60602
Dear Ms. Burns,
As one of the top revenue generators in the Tri-State area for State Farm Insurance, I would like to
schedule a meeting with you to discuss how I can put my proven insurance sales ability to work
for Home Town Insurance.
In six years of working for State Farm, I routinely met or exceeded sales quotas every quarter
sometimes by as much as 75%. Each year I signed 25% more new accounts than my fellow team
members and, within 8 months of joining the firm, I consistently ranked in the top 15% of sales
personnel within the region.
As an active member of the local Rotary Club, I honed my leadership and marketing skills by
working with other community leaders to raise funds for the construction of a new sports field,
leading a fundraising team to meet and surpass its goal three months ahead of schedule.
My professional sales experience began before I had even received my BA degree in Business
from the University of Iowa, for I worked my way through school by selling textbooks throughout
the state.
My resume, which is enclosed, is full of examples of my ability to work both independently and as
a team player. I am a high-energy employee and a proven self-starter.
Perhaps most importantly, I believe that honesty, integrity and a commitment to providing
superlative service are the foundation of a successful sales career, and this is what I can bring to
Home Town Insurance.
I look forward to discussing opportunities with you at your earliest convenience. Please call me at
615.432.1234 and let me know when I can schedule a meeting with you. Thank you for your time.
With sincere best wishes,
Hope Full
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