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Sample Cover letter for Instructional Designer
Doyle Vue
1473 Braxton Street
Phone: 815-544-6635
William Riggs
Pitney Bowes Inc.
414 Fowler Avenue
Date: 04-11-2010
Dear Mr.Riggs,
I learned about your requirement for Instructional Designer at Location from the . I
have the required qualifications and work experience required for the job and I believe I could
make worthy contribution to Pitney Bowes Inc. in this position.
My work experience includes:
Gathering client requirements
Analyzing content gaps
Analyzing and chunking content
Providing creative solutions for various training needs
Interacting with subject matter experts
Creating high-level course outlines
Formulating instructional design guidelines for projects
Reviewing storyboards for instructional flow and language style
Kindly let me know if you require any more info about my educational background and work
experience. You can contact me via email and phone number as mentioned in my resume. I would
like to appreciate your efforts in this regard.
Yours Sincerely
(Doyle Vue)
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