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Brian Sawyer
3649 Horner Street
Phone: 330-935-2107
Dorthy Frazier
Charter One Financial Inc.
2247 Southern Avenue
Date: 18-11-2010
Dear Mr.Frazier,
Earning knowledge along with money is what I am aiming for and I think Charter One Financial
Inc. will assist in fulfilling both my dreams. Working for Informatica Developer is my passion and
I would like to appreciate the for giving information about this job in Alliance.
My work experience includes:
Designed, developed and maintained product movement and shipping applications using
Oracle Forms and Reports 6i for Westinghouse Electric Company
As per written functional specifications created database tables, SQL queries, PL/SQL
procedures and packages as prototypes for the client
Developed and maintained custom forms and reports to track nuclear fuel usage.
Quick to respond to client requests in meeting DOE specifications and regulations
Participated in all phases of the development cycle throughout all architectural tiers of the
Utilized a variety of technologies, communication and management strategies and
demonstrated strong organizational, planning, business and technical skills
There are few things mentioned in this letter which completely does not define my persona and
ability to work. To know more about my passion for work, face to face meeting is essential. Hope
to meet you soon. Let me know the details of interview and my contact details are mentioned here.
Yours Sincerely
(Brian Sawyer)
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