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Ms. H. Farrier 16/3 Gilmore Terrace
Human Resources Manager Edinburgh
SureSave Bank EH99 8BP
22B London Road
EH4 88H
Dear Ms Farrier,
Actuarial Internship – Summer 2011
With reference to our recent telephone call and subsequent visit to the actuarial department of
SureSave Bank’s Edinburgh offices, I am writing to you to apply for the internship opportunity as
advertised on the SAGE database at Edinburgh University. Please find a copy of my CV attached
for your consideration.
The first three years of my degree have provided me with a broad knowledge of maths and
statistics, however it has been my enjoyment of the Probability and Operational Research and
Statistics modules in my degree that initially sparked my interest in pursuing a career in actuarial
work. My subsequent research using the University’s Careers Service, in addition to the recent
visit I made to the bank, has further increased this interest and I would relish the opportunity to
undertake an internship to provide me with an insight into the actuarial profession.
My work experience at Jenners Department Store has developed my ability to work effectively as
part of a busy team, and maintain the high standards that are expected by our customer base.
Working in a busy, often pressurised environment has helped me to prioritise my workload
effectively whilst appreciating the need for attention to detail. From my recent observations, these
skills will undoubtedly be useful in ensuring that an internship with SureSave would be effective,
not only for me but also for the bank.
I would value the opportunity to gain this work experience particularly as the bank operates in a
global context and is a market leader in the actuarial profession. I would also like to work for a
bank that actively supports their staff with professional development at all levels, and provides a
comprehensive and challenging internship experience.
Thank you very much for taking the time to consider my application. I am available for interview
at any time and would be more than happy to provide further details if required.
Yours sincerely,
James Davies
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