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Dear Mr. or Ms. Hiring Manager or HR Staff (Use Last Name):
Your job posting for a Human Resources manager caught my attention because my HR management experience has been in a
similar industry, so I am familiar with the challenges. In addition to leading the HR department, I am a strategic business partner
in my current position and serve on the executive team. My twelve years in HR as an assistant, then generalist, and now manager,
have allowed me to grow and develop professionally and as a leader.
You are seeking an individual with strong passion to innovate and drive for solutions. Since I started the HR department from
scratch in my current organization, and have led the adoption of all people processes, systems, policies, and procedures, I qualify.
Personal accountability for results and my integrity are respected and unquestioned.
Your posting emphasizes an eagerness to learn and continually improve. I am active in the Society for Human Resources
Management and regularly attend professional conferences. Even more importantly, I have fostered a learning organization in my
current company. I established a performance development and career planning process that utilizes both internal and external
development opportunities for employees including mentoring, job-shadowing, team leadership, and classes.
I am most anxious to join an organization where HR is respected and where I can continue to provide input to the strategic
business issues while implementing forward thinking HR and talent management strategies. Your advertised position appears to
fit my experience, accomplishments, and education. I have my PHR currently and plan to pursue my SPHR next as you
I am relocating to your city in the next few weeks for family reasons and was excited to see your opening that so closely fits my
current dream job. I am anxious to contribute to a new organization with the same energy, creativity, and commitment that I have
brought to my past positions. My exploration of your company website, my discussions with several of your current and former
employees, and your reputation in the business community lead me to believe that we would also be a good cultural fit.
I will be in your city regularly over the next few weeks and would like the chance to interview with your team and get to know
you. From everything that I can see as an applicant, we are potentially a solid team.
Catherine Mervin
Cell: 248-987-1243
Home: 248-544-1234
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