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Name of Hiring Manager or HR Staff
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Dear Mr. or Ms. Hiring Manager or HR Staff (Use Last Name):
Your job posting for an Human Resources Generalist caught my attention because your key
requirements for the position are strengths that I possess personally. I have also exhibited these
strengths in my current job. The industry in which I currently work, engineering, has many similar
challenges to those you describe for your software development company.
My six years in HR as an assistant and then, as a generalist, have allowed me to grow and develop
both professionally in my HR knowledge and experience and as an employee leader within my
company. I look forward to another HR generalist position to continue my growth in the field and
ultimately, to serve an organization as their HR manager.
Your position appears to allow this growth.
You requested applicants who have a passion for people and HR. I demonstrate this daily in my
current job. I have responsibility for training and some aspects of organization development so I
have been able to express my creativity and my ability to build effective programs. At the same
time, working with our managers, I have strong experience in employee recruiting, interviewing,
and retention strategies.
Your job posting requires experience in compensation and benefits. In my current generalist job, I
have responsibility for administering benefits and working with accounting on payroll and
compensation. I also do much of the administrative work as we are a smaller organization with no
HR assistant. I exhibit strong attention to detail and an ability to keep projects moving forward. I
am responsible, accountable, reliable, and take ownership of any area or project needed by my
One of the things that excited me about your current job opening is the potential to work in several
areas in which I have limited experience. These areas included developing an onboarding program
for employees since you are hiring many new employees this year. My experience in employee
training will complement this requirement.
Your posting also requested skills in change management as you plan to develop the skills of your
workforce in this area. Since change management is part of organization development, I have
some experience, but not a lot specifically in change management. I have worked more with
general management development. I am exceedingly interested to expand my knowledge in this
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