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A housekeeper cover letter is a good way to introduce yourself to someone who is looking for
housekeeping services. Be sure to talk about your experience, client names for references, and any
special skills you have that might help land you the job. All housekeeper cover letters should
include information regarding experience, level of responsibilities, etc.
Marion Horwitz
32 Blaine Road
Anyville, USA 56734
February 23, 2006
Mr. Carl Jasper
64 Juniper Lane
Anyville, USA 56734
Dear Mr. Jasper:
I found your ad for a housekeeper this morning. I am writing this cover letter
today to apply for the job. I have experience working for a house-cleaning agency
(Happy Housekeepers) and I was privately employed by a man named Raymond
Waring to assist him with his household chores during his recovery from surgery.
I would welcome working for your mother as a housekeeper and assistant two
days a week as you described in your ad.
May we get together next week to talk over this position and for me to meet your
mother? Just give me a call at 897-879-9999 and let me know the day and hour
that would work for you.
Marion Horwitz
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