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Dawn C. Shuler
4402 Flynn Street
Pittsburgh, OH 44145
Phone- 440-871-0680
Steve C. Hall
Steve's Hair Studio
4135 Jacobs Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Subject- Application for the job of a Hair Stylist
Dear Mr. Hall,
I am glad that you have opened a new branch of Steve's Hair Studio in our city. Our city people
will benefit a lot with your studio at their doorstep. I also have been looking forward to your new
branch right from when you had announced its launch a few months back. It has been my dream to
work with you. I have completed my high school diploma in cosmetology and a six-month hair
styling diploma from 'A Good Hair Day School' recently. I am ready to begin my career as a hair
stylist and I will be very lucky if I could start my career with your reputed hair studio.
I have also done some additional courses in make-up and styling, to add-up to my work silhouette.
I am sure that with my skills and education, I prove myself as an asset for your studio.
I will be glad if you give me an opportunity. You can contact me on my contact information, if you
find my qualification suitable for your studio.
Thanking you!
Yours sincerely,
Dawn C. Shuler
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