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Sample Cover letter for Guidance Counselor
Andrew Ramirez
234 Sugarfoot Lane
Phone: 765-447-4744
Joshua Harp
Service Corp. International
3526 Bel Meadow Drive
Los Angeles
Date: 18-11-2010
Dear Mr.Harp,
I am submitting my resume for your pursual with regards to Guidance Counselor position with Service
Corp. International at Lafayette . I have an excellent track record in majority of the competencies that
you are looking for in the potential candidate.
My work experience includes:
Assists WorkSource Employment Center Veteran Representatives in helping unemployed
veterans finds jobs, as well as provide veterans with access to related programs designed to
offer whatever assistance (e.g. financial, health care, housing) is necessary.
Provides initial and follow-up assessments for job and assistance-seeking veterans.
Proficient with Oracle Datebase, as well as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point and
Was lead Divisional Physical Readiness Coordinator and Assistant Supply Petty Officer for a
40-person shipboard division.
Performed armed watch standing duties; also member of shipboard In-Port Emergency Team.
Assistant Fitness Coordinator
Managed off-site adult recreational programs (e.g. Volleyball, Softball leagues)
Kindly let me know if you require any more info about my educational background and work
experience. You can contact me via email and phone number as mentioned in my resume. I would like
to appreciate your efforts in this regard.
Yours Sincerely
(Andrew Ramirez)
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