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Katrina Jones
47 Clay Street
Waverville NSW 2222
T: 0022 444 444
M: 0022 333 333
Clover Pea
Recruitment Manager
Alkum Transport & Logistics
47 Wharf View Drive
Sydney NSW 2001
Dear Ms Pea
Re: General Manager position, 893248032
Further to your advertisement, I submit my application for the position of Alkum Transport and Logistics.
With over 13 years experience in transport and logistics, I have the skills and experience necessary to be a valuable
asset to your company. I have degrees in Commerce and Business, and have worked across all levels of the
industry from grassroots through to senior management.
Among other achievements, I have been responsible for successfully starting up new interstate business offices and
departments, coordinating business units, implementing wide-reaching HR initiatives and generating
unprecedented profits.
During my time in my current position of general manager at Dominican Transport, I have successfully overseen
business units on a national level, and generated a 20 per cent increase in the company’s customer base and a 15
per cent increase in profits.
In 2002, I was awarded the New South Wales Government Transport and Logistics Professional Achiever Award
and in 2006 became the New South Wales Business Woman of the Year. I was elected to the board of the Transport
and Logistics Council in 2007.
I look forward in anticipation to discussing my eligibility for the role in person.
Yours sincerely
Katrina Jones
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