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310 Normandy Road, Bryn Mawr, PA 19110 Home: (610) 739-7052 Office: (610) 471-2412
May 16, 1996
Mr. Richard J. Morgan
Morgan Samuels Co., Inc.
6 Bemiston Avenue, Ste. 1212
St. Louis, MO 63105
Dear Mr. Morgan:
I am an experienced Architectural Engineer with over ten years experience in architectural design
of commercial high-rise structures. Most recently, I was the Lead Engineer in the design of
Liberty Place, the 62-story commercial high-rise building that now dominates the Philadelphia
skyline and has won numerous national design awards.
Other major projects with which I have played a key design role include the Baltimore Aquarium,
Skyline Towers (a 32-story office building in Baltimore), and Surrey Place West (a 22-story office
complex in Washington, D.C.). In my 10-1/2 years in the Architectural Design field, I have won
over 20 national and local awards for design excellence.
Unfortunately, Philmore Associates, Inc., the major development firm with which I have been
associated since the beginning of my career, has just filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy and a
massive reorganization of the company is now underway. It seems appropriate at this time for me
to think about moving on with my career.
I am seeking a senior engineering or management position with a major developer or architectural
engineering firm specializing in the design and/or construction of commercial high-rise structures.
Compensation requirements are in the six figure range, and I would prefer an equity position in
the firm, if available.
Relocation is no obstacle. I am quite willing to go where the opportunity is, however, I do have a
preference for the Northeast. Overseas assignments will also be considered.
Should one of your clients have an appropriate position which you feel may be of interest to me, I
would appreciate a call. Thank you for your consideration.
Agnes M. Rufenach
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