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Sample Cover Letter for a Finance
Manager Vacancy
Dear XXX
I would like to apply for the above post as advertised by your company. I graduated from XYZ
University with a Bachelor degree of Business in 1996, and a Master degree of Business
Administration (MBA) majoring in Marketing & Finance in 1998.
In the graduate business school, I spent significant time learning corporate finance and accounting
management. I am very experienced and proficient in capital budgeting and investment analysis. I
have been previously employed as a Finance Manager in Company XYZ for almost six years. My
job duties included forecasting, due diligence, company restructuring, fund raisings, cost/sales
budgeting, consolidation, treasury, taxation, and financial risk analysis on critical projects of
acquisitions & merger. Furthermore, I have also been employed as a Credit & Marketing Officer
in Company XYZ for two years. I was responsible for credit proposals, negotiation &
maintaining client relationships, financial analysis and personal loan leasing, and marketing
retail bank products.
Having graduated with an MBA degree, I also gained excellent interpersonal and communication
skills. During the two years of the MBA, I gained significant experience in using audio-visual
formats to present credit analysis and investment decisions to peers in the finance and accounting
courses . Furthermore, I am very capable of dealing with matters of customer complaints and
enterprise bargaining. One of the optional units offered in the MBA was Managerial Effectiveness,
in which we were professionally trained to deal with customers’ complaints and employees’
conflicts effectively.
Attached is my curriculum vitae and I am most willing to provide any further information at your
request. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my suitability for the above position at an
Yours faithfully
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