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Dorothy Cranston
789 Totem Drive
West Port, USA 90465
January 28, 2006
Mr. Drake Hammond,
Hiring Manager
Martin and Sloan Investment Company
78 Washington Street
West Port, USA 90465
Dear Mr. Hammond:
Your posting for an experienced file clerk on grabbed my attention since I am
looking for a part-time position that fits my schedule and season of life.
I am an organizational 'guru' according to my friends and family so filing fits my skill set. I like to
keep order and put everything in its place. If hired, I promise to keep your company's file shelves
in good shape, with each file being returned to its spot and files no longer needed logged in to the
file morgue and finally disposed of permanently.
I am sending this cover letter and the enclosed resume to introduce myself and my skills to you.
I'd welcome being considered for the job. I look forward to meeting you and I do thank you ahead
of time for reading my cover letter and giving me a chance to compete for the job against other
file clerks who may apply for the job
May I schedule some time with you to talk over what you are looking for and what I can bring to
the job? Name the day and time and I'll be there. You can reach me afternoons and evenings at
888-888-8888 to confirm.
Dorothy Cranston
Enc: resume and cover letter
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