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Andre James
1 Main Street , New Cityland CA 91010
Home: (555) 322-7337 -
August 05, 2014
Jose Ringwald
Foyer Worldwide
345 Bayside Drive
New Cityland, CA 91010
(555) 323-9857
RE: Field Service Technician, Ref# 4444732, 08/05/2014
Dear Mr. Ringwald,
I am writing to apply for the position of Field Service Technician, listed on your company's website. With over 4
years of experience in filed support positions, I possess a the comprehensive skill set and hands-on understanding
necessary to affect positive, overreaching outcomes in this role. Please review these points from my professional
experience demonstrating my unique abilities:
Bachelor of Science degree Life science | Engineering from Birchgrove School of Science and Technology
(anticipated Spring 2015)
Solid, hands-on experience in the maintenance, installation and selected repairs on analytical instruments
Comprehensive understanding of engineering principles and practices as they relate to system design,
process flow, and discrete modeling
A recognized ability to effectively resolve customer questions and issues
The attached resume provides further detail about how my qualifications and background are a match for your
team's needs in a Field Service Technician. I look forward the opportunity learn more about this opportunity and to
discuss how I can contribute my strengths at Foyer Worldwide. I appreciate your taking the time to review my
credentials and experience.
Andre James
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