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Sample Cover letter for Executive Recruiter
Brian Felix
2973 Leisure Lane
Thousand Oaks,CA
Phone: 805-493-5694
Junior Elzey
Pioneer-Standard Electronics Inc.
4302 Grasselli Street
Date: 03-11-2010
Dear Mr.Elzey,
I am thankful for giving me your precious time and taking my interview for Executive Recruiter . It
can be always a great experience to work for reputed company like Pioneer-Standard Electronics
Inc. situated in Thousand Oaks. I learnt about the vacancy via while browsing net.
My work experience includes:
Proactive Business Development with clients through calls and face to face meetings
Candidate registration and matching to suitable roles
Interviewing candidates for role placements
Client meetings and service delivery.
Provision of relevant market information to clients and candidates
Weekly KPI and Daily activity review with Manager
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my education and experience with you. I will soon contact
you via phone or email to discuss the possibility of arranging an interview. I would like to thank you
for your consideration and time in this regard.
Yours Sincerely
(Brian Felix)
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