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Alyssa Lee Jamison
Road •
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18021
Cazenovia College • 22 Sullivan Street • Cazenovia, New York 13035
April 8, 2010
Senator Charles E. Schumer
Capitol Building
Washington, DC 00221
Dear Senator Schumer:
I am interested in being considered for the Executive Assistant position available with your
Washington, DC off
I have attached my resume for your review.
Currently, I am an intern in your Central New York Office in Syracuse, New York where I
work with constituents
and the administrative staff in managing the projects and events as well as serve as a liaison
for your activities in
Central New York. I find this work very interesting and am exhilarated with the pace and
stress of a politician’s
schedule and responsibilities.
Next month, I will graduate with a degree in Business Management from Cazenovia Co
llege in upstate New York
and will move to Washington, DC to begin my career in government and public service. As
you will note on my
resume, I have held positions where making sound decisions quickly was required of me. I
have the ability to
organize an
d implement events and people and believe I would be an excellent candidate for the
Assistant position with you.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you
Alyssa Lee Jamison
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