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The job seeker in this esthetician cover letter talks about her experience working at an exclusive
salon in La Jolla, California giving beauty treatments including facials, waxing, and cosmetic
make-up services. Esthetician cover letters should always include applicants' knowledge of what
the job requires and his or her experience and training.
Angela Kenney
46 Northern Blvd.
Any City, USA 99999
March 15, 2006
Ms. Maureen Watson
Hiring Manager
Sweetwater Spa
452 Desert Drive
Any Town, USA 99999
Dear Ms. Watson:
I was happy to see your listing for estheticians for your new spa opening in Any
Town. I am new to this city but not new to this profession. I've been an esthetician
for over ten years at the exclusive Ocean View Spa in La Jolla, California.
I am now looking for full-time employment with a company of your reputation.
That's why I'm writing this cover letter today. I'd like to meet you and show you
my portfolio detailing some of the services I've provided my clients.
If you're available to get together, please let me know. My cell phone is with me
and on at all times. (789-567-4563) Name a date and hour that best suits you and
I'll be there.
Angela Kenney
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