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Jessica Carter
Hiring Manager
Learnist Ltd
30 Viva Street
6BH 11CH
20 May 2014
Dear Sirs
I should like to apply for the role of Electrical Design Engineer as advertised recently.
I currently design, build and maintain electrical control systems, machinery and equipment for a
power generation company where I have been working in the electrical engineering department
for 2 years. As such I have a good grasp of the design of both high and low voltage systems.
I conduct feasibility studies, test installations and systems, analyse the data and draw up the plans
and specifications for projects using computer-assisted engineering and design software.
I use MS Office desktop applications to help with producing reports on estimating materials such
as construction, and labour costs, and assessing project timescales and making sure all projects
meet electrical and construction safety regulations and relevant UK, European & international
standards, codes of practice and procedures.
I have a degree in electrical engineering, am familiar with Autocad and have experience of SKM
power tools modelling software.
I am now seeking a technical role in an established engineering design and consultancy to help
develop existing and new client relationships to meet business requirements and grow the
business, as well as offering sales support, preparing estimates and design calculations, technical
leadership and consultancy assignments and reports.
I would like to move into a sales/customer facing consultancy role and believe that my
background makes me ideally placed for this position.
I enclose my CV and am available for interview at your convenience. References are available on
request and I very much look forward to hearing from you as appropriate.
Your Name
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