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Dishwasher cover letter
Dear Mr Jackson:
I saw your advertisement for a Dishwasher’s position in The Independent and realized right away
that my skills and qualifications are a perfect match to your requirements.
With a profound capability of performing manual dishwashing tasks, handling dish-washing
equipment and working well under extreme temperatures, I am positive that I can manage the
cleanliness of your kitchen effectively.
As you will note from the enclosed resume, I am comfortable with the loads of work and the
demands that this job entails. I possess substantial knowledge of commercial dishwashing
machines and trash compactors as well as recycling machines. Additionally, I am well versed with
different types of chemicals and cleaning aides that are used for different pots and pans.
Furthermore, my ability to assist cooking staff would be a definitive plus.
Above all, I have a demonstrated ability to remain composed, attentive and work unsupervised. I
look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss my dishwashing and kitchen cleaning
skills in detail.
If you need to get in touch with me, you may contact me on (000) 100-1771. I appreciate the time
and effort that you have made in looking through my job application.
Cover letter sample
Yours sincerely,
Mark Dixon
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