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Dear Mr Jackson
This is to inform you that your advertisement on (mention the name where the advertisement have
published) for the position of a director of nursing caught my attention. I would like to apply for
the same. Please accept my enclosed resume which will give you detail information about my
educational background and work experience.
I have been working as a director of nursing (mention the name of the hospital/clinic) for the last
nine years. My key role here is to see the overall performance of a nursing staff and also provide
good health care facility. In addition to the usual duties, i handled administrative duties which
include development and the budget of the department i worked for. I have a proper technical
knowledge. I am good with preparing and maintain reports. If there is any need, I can explain the
reports and records to the higher lever of management well. I am good with communication skills
both oral and written and can relay messages to the department head or any concerned person. As
you will see in my resume, I hold a master degree in nursing and also have the required experience
to work with your organization.
I would be glad if we could meet up for a follow up interview and discuss on this more. I am
confident that I can prove to be beneficial to your organization.
Thank you for reviewing my letter and considering for the post.
Yours sincerely
Mark Murphy
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