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Dawn M.Pitera
433 Campton,Bloomfield Hills,
Michigan MI 48302
July 20,1997
Chief Executive Officer
Kendrickton Steel
123 E.Industrial Park Blvd.
Romulus,MI 48174
Dear Mr.Glencoe:
If your company is seeking a Human Resources Director who understands the relationship
between employee relations and profits, then we have a good reason to talk. I have an extensive
background in manufacturing, with both union and non-union workforces.
Since Human Resources represent the biggest costs to the company, these resources should also
have the biggest value. With this philosophy, I have been able to implement proactive HR policies
that have had a positive impact on the bottom line. As Human Resources Director for a Fortune
500 manufacturer, I have introduced financial incentives that improved productivity, reduced
absenteeism, and resulted in a 15% increase in gross profits. Other accomplishments are described
in my resume.
Although I am far more interested in challenge and growth potential than salary, in recent years
my total compensation has been in the $100-120K range. Salary is, of course, negotiable.
I am confident that I can help contribute to your company's bottom line. I will call you soon to see
if we might schedule a meeting to learn more about one another. Thank you for your time and
consideration, and I look forward to our conversation.
Dawn M.Pitera
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