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Cover Letter Example (for experienced candidates)
Toni C. Wheeler
Butterfield High Society,
2627 Capitol Street, Lane - 46, Apartment # 24
Elwood, IN, USA
Contact Number - (765) 557 0629
Shawn R. Louis
Hiring Manager
National Motors Corporation
2462 Thompson Street, Field Avenue Center, Lane - 33,
Gardena, CA, USA
Re: Application for Diesel Mechanic post
Dear Mr. Louis,
As required for the position of diesel mechanic, posted in the Liberty Times, dated November 01, 2013, I wish to apply for the
available job position. I'd like to work with your renowned National Motors Corporation. I have also enclosed my resume and
other documents along with this application.
I have completed my Masters in Computer Engineering and hold a Grade III Certificate in diesel mechanics. Additionally, I have
fifteen years of experience in this field and therefore, I can provide services to an extensive range of diesel engines or equipment
that include: boats, ships, trucks, lorries, etc. Prior to this, I have worked with Garfield National Motors Corporation, where I was
assigned to handle several duties that include handling repair work, supervising the heavy components work smoothly and safely,
assisting team members in maintenance of various heavy equipments, conducting annual and routine testing procedures,
communicating with the manufacturer for technical specifications, etc. Therefore, my overall work experience has made me
efficient enough to carry out various presentations, installation, repair and maintenance work independently.
I am confident about my strong service abilities and therefore, I assure you that I would surely contribute to your company's
profitability. I kindly request you to grant me a chance to exhibit my potential capabilities. Look forward to meet you in person.
Please feel to contact on the provided phone or email details as per your convenience.
Thank you.
Yours Sincerely
Toni C. Wheeler
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