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Sample Cover Letter
July 06, 2009
10413 N. Granite Ave.
Bedrock, AZ 85302
Ms. Shanna L. Tinsley
Human Resources Manager
Micron Laboratories
7500 Federal Way
Boise, ID 76038
Dear Ms. Tinsley:
I am submitting my resume in response to the job posting on your web site for the position of Design
Engineer. This opening looks quite intriguing, and I believe that my experience and strong technical
background make me a competitive candidate for this posting at Micron.
I see from my research that Micron Laboratories has won several awards for their work in semiconductors. I also
had the opportunity to meet one of the Micron representatives at one of the
campus career fairs. I am interested in working for your organization. In October I will receive my Bachelor
of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology from DeVry University. I have extensive
circuit simulation and debugging skills, which correspond exactly with the requirements for the Design
Engineer position. In addition to this, I am an extremely quick learner and have excellent
communication skills.
I will call you next week in July to see about meeting with you and possibly discussing the current
employment opportunities at Micron. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to
hearing from you soon.
William S. Stone
Enclosure: Resume
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