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Cover Letter: Delivery Driver
Jessica Carter
Hiring Manager
Learnist Ltd
30 Viva Street
6BH 11CH
20 May 2014
Dear Sirs
Further to your advertisement in the Learnist Courier for a delivery driver I would like you to
consider my application.
Although I don’t have any experience the advertisement does state that it isn’t essential. I do have
a clean driving license, and passed my test more than five years ago. I understand that the work
will involve driving a van with parcels from a local catalogue clothes company to their customers.
I do know the area reasonably well as I have lived in Colwyn Bay for the last ten years and prior
to that I lived in Bangor.
I understand that the vehicle will be loaded ready for the driver in the mornings and the van is
returned to the depot. It is really helpful that the route is planned in advance and that the van is
loaded so that items for the last drop are the furthest from the door.
I have enclosed my CV which shows my work history, although I haven’t worked for the past few
years as I wanted to stay at home with the children. They are now of an age where I am able to
make arrangements for them after school and in the holidays.
I am available to attend an interview at any time convenient for you and I hope to hear from you
Yours faithfully
Your name
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