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To Whom It May Concern:
Please accept my resume for data analyst position posted on your company’s website. I am
confident that my background in data analysis and my skills in programming will prove to be an
effective match for your qualifications.
I have had a good amount of experience analyzing data using SAS, STATA and AREMOS. While
working for the Economic and Business Research Center at the University of Arizona, I learned
how to analyze large-scale economic data and had the opportunity to work with predictive models.
My programming skills allowed me to not only quickly learn AREMOS but it also helped me
envision unique areas where I could improve the program’s functionality. I wrote a Java based
application to automate data collection; a rigorous process, which was previously performed
During senior year I took quantitative methods for economic strategy, which taught me forecasting
techniques, interpretation and use of economic data, analysis of business conditions and
examination of related environmental factors. For the final project I analyzed the data on U.S
health care coverage and revealed the policy gap, which left millions of people uninsured. I
utilized SAS to write a Logit model that predicted the probability of having health insurance using
an individual’s income, race, education level, and several other factors.
When I was working for Tadbeer Consulting INC. I was responsible for designing the database for
a research that explored the socio-economic consequences of insecurity in Rustaq province
(Afghanistan). I also assisted in analyzing the data and built a regression model, which showed the
relationship between the distance of a district from the province capital and the number of hostile
activities. I utilized STATAs regression and conditional functions to reveal the socio-economic
trends affected by insecurity.
Besides possessing technical skills I have an insatiable intellectual curiosity, which has constantly
drawn me toward scholarly research articles. I won Eller Case Competition among 600 students
because I performed an in-depth research of the social issues surrounding the mining industry and
presented my findings to the employees of Rosemont Copper.
My experiences have been positive ones due in part to my interpersonal skills. I work well in
teams, am reliable and organized, and enthusiastic to learn. I am sure that I will carry over the
same enthusiasm and skill in working at your organization.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yasin Yaqoobi
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