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Kim Laroux
206-620 Westbourne Avenue
Winnipeg Manitoba R3L 2G9
Mobile: (204) 555-5208 Work: (204) 555-6598
September 29, 20__
Ms. Jane Doe - UGG Staffing
Box 6000, 28
Floor TD Centre
201 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3A7
Dear Ms. Doe:
Congratulations on your company’s 100
birthday! In a competitive marketplace, celebrating a century in business
speaks to the strategic initiatives and client service focus that have been the hallmark of UGG. The opportunity to
join your team through the Management Development Program is of great interest to me. I will have completed my
degree by April 20__ and I have a strong interest in the agricultural sector, having been raised on a farm in rural
For your easy reference, I have highlighted my particular qualifications as they relate to the requirements you have
Your requirements My qualifications
Customer oriented approach Over 3 years experience in the hospitality
industry with formal training in customer
service; appreciate the importance of meeting
and exceeding customer expectations
Must show potential High academic achievements combined with
two promotions with my present employer in
an 12 month period
Must show initiative Demonstrated ability to identify and implement
ways to improve work processes and reduce
Willing to learn and work in
different areas
Recognized for being flexible and adaptable;
assume additional responsibilities to assist
other departments during peak periods
I have been able to develop my teamwork and leadership skills through my involvement in extracurricular activities.
For example, as a member of the intra-mural volleyball team and through involvement in group-based academic
projects, I have learned the value of working together to achieve group and team goals. I have served as the
president of a local youth group, which coordinated activities for inner-city children. This experience gave me the
opportunity to provide leadership to a group of peers as well as to others who view me as a role model and mentor.
Ms. Doe, I am confident that I can make an excellent contribution to the Management Development Program and
UGG's continuing success. Thank you for your consideration.
Kim Laroux
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