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Sample Cover letter for Community Volunteer
Hector Sperry
4625 Star Trek Drive
Phone: 850-355-8346
Cynthia Garrison
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation
1889 Hart Ridge Road
Date: 02-11-2010
Dear Mr.Garrison,
I am interested in Community Volunteer position available in your company. I have a genuine
interest in the relevant industry and I have developed the working knowledge of various areas
related to the job opening. Please find my enclosed resume with this letter.
My work experience includes:
Picking the chidren up from school and bringing them up two the after school club
Help with the childrens homework ,free play,drawing,making different things
Making sure the class is tidy
I had three keys children make sure all work set has been done and make sure everything
going well at school
Education and training
Personal and career development, internet awareness and job search
I am looking forward to join your company where I can make major contributions leading to
growth to company and personal growth. Please inform me about the possibility of arranging the
interview for me. I will call you in next few days to confirm the interview details.
Yours Sincerely
(Hector Sperry)
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