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CNA Cover Letter Sample
Dear Mr. Smith (*1),
I am attaching this letter to my resume as a means to introduce myself and also
express my great enthusiasm and interest in this position(*2). With my five years of
experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, I have been able to build up a skill set
that, I am confident, will serve me admirably at First Healthcare. (*3)
Not only will I be a great asset to your organization and contribute to the excellent
service provided by your facility, I believe that there are a lot of new skills and
abilities that working for you will help me develop. So I write to you as a potential
candidate who is greatly aware of the fine work your company does including
community outreach programs(*4), which help and assist the poorer occupants of the
city. This is another reason I am passionate about the position, as it will allow me to
be part of a great social service.(*5)
Since you are looking for hardworking and enthusiastic candidates with experience in
assisting the elderly(*6), I believe that I am the perfect candidate and offer you my
services. Attached is my resume. Please have a look at it and get in touch with me at
(insert phone number) or email me at (insert email here)(*7). I look forward to
hearing from you.
Jane Doe
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