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April 21, 2013
Forest View Hospital
1055 Medical Park Dr. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Dear Hiring Manager:
Please consider the attached resume for the case manager position that was advertised in The Grand
Rapids Press. I can effectively meet the needs of your clients and your agency because of my social
work education, internship experience and passion for the well -being of others. In addition, your
agency comes very highly recommended by your staff and community partners, which is a compelling
indication of your commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives, a value I share.
The case manager position requires strong interpersonal skills, direct counseling experience, a
background with motivational interviewing, and the ability to work effectively and efficiently as a
team member. Several opportunities and experiences have prepared me to excel in these areas:
As a social work intern in an urban hospice agency in downtown Chicago, I have experience
establishing rapport with, counseling and supporting bereaved families and individuals through
their grief process using cognitive behavioral therapy and a task-centered approach. Many of my
clientele also suffer from severe and persistent mental illness and/or substance abuse.
I am a former student and facilitator of an interviewing and basic counseling course for upper-level
social work majors at Calvin College that focuses on empathic listening and a non-judgmental
frame of reference. The framework of the course is based upon the strengths-perspective and
utilizes solution-focused techniques.
I have four years of experience working as a productive, organized, responsible and
valuable member in a teamwork setting.
These experiences, combined with my passion for and commitment to enhancing and improving the
psychiatric well-being of individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses, make me an
excellent candidate for your position at Forest View.
I look forward to the possibility of an interview. I will contact you within the next week to follow
up. Thank you very much for your consideration.
[handwritten signature if submitting a hard copy]
Leslie Brown
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